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The Return

25 Jun

So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  I originally started this blog when I was about 20 – so many things have changed since then!  At first I wanted to use it as a place to come and decompress, put my feelings down on paper (digital paper that is) and reflect on life.  Now I realize that may not be the best choice as so many people are capable of reading this and I’m not sure I want my true feelings visible for everyone to see – ya know what I mean?


Fast forward three years and here I am.  Some place I never thought I’d be.  I knew I’d be married eventually, but never did I imagine that I would leave everything I’ve ever known behind and follow my fabulous husband to Oregon, get two awesome pups, join the Army National Guard, and have my own little part of the interwebs where I am able to showcase (and hopefully inspire others to create) everything I do.  While I don’t plan to be an avid blogger, I am hoping to post about a project or two a week (with minimal financing, of course), give someone else the courage the make something they weren’t sure they could, and be a positive place for anyone looking to be inspired and decompress from their daily lives a space to do so.


I truly hope you enjoy my blog now and in the future & thanks again for stopping by!